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"SpreadShare has made reporting more efficient. It offers me a quick and simple way to share data with my team through interactive charts."

Project Manager


"Used spreadshare to create complex custom calculators that allow me to quickly enter field data and record a result"

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"I love that the resultant interface that you can embed on your website is simple and streamlined for users!"

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Build and Embed your Calculator in 90 seconds

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Customize input from your CRM or any source

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Build a calculator for your website

Need a quote estimator? A mortgage calculator? How about telling a story through data? It's all possible, and it's all free with SpreadShare.

Share your spreadsheet with a link

Share only what matters, only the key input and results are visible. Spreads can be password locked or publicly available.

We support Excel XLSX files and Google Sheets.

Sensitive calculations are kept secure

Does your spreadsheet have sensitive information? Don't worry, your mark-up rates and proprietary formula are kept secure on our servers and are never exposed to users.

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