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Why interactive websites convert more

Interactive content provides value to your users

Answer customer questions with relevant answers.
Your customers feel valued having their exact questions answered.

Free tools keeps visitors returning

By providing free calculators, your users will keep returning to your website. More visits helps your SEO and increases the chance your visitors convert over time.

Help your customers talk about you

As your calculators are more engaging, they will be shared in texts and over social media, increasing your presence with no extra work!

Warm up your leads

Instead of starting a cold connection with a lead, calculators and charts will lead your visitors on a journey through their need and your solution.

Stand out from your competitors

Reduce friction, why not make it easy for your customers to understand your product and buy from you?

Ready to double your conversions?

What are others saying?

Learn from companies that have already taken the leap
Earthday found its calculator has an 80% conversion rate!

Make data easier to understand by using dynamic content pieces that drill down to stats.
In contrast, calculators help your customers compare product features and estimate costs, plus evaluate the benefits of different options.

Kapost states interactive content has 2x the conversion rate

Use practical, utility-driven content tools to convince prospects you're the right fit. You get better customer satisfaction and deeper engagement. Content that listens to the user works better than static content. Each user is treated as an individual.

Content Marketing Institute states infographics are best early in the sales cycle, whereas calculators are effective throughout the sales cycle

SpreadShare can be embedded on any website or as a separate URL, making it easy to introduce at key points in your customer's journey.